Our Eastern Edge

The old Millican Store along Highway 20.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

A homicide in my Los Serranos neighborhood! Early that morning in Los Serranos, a dead man was discovered. The police were hunting for his killer.

I was composing a blog, as sirens, one after another, had me guessing that somewhere must be a big fire. My assumption held, even on spotting police cars posted around when I left for work. When my neighbor, Frank, called to check on me, I learned that our neighborhood was in lockdown.

Frank is a sleuth. He had gone online, figured out where the homicide probably occurred, and maybe correctly identified the victim. Frank researched that person, discovering colorful hints of some of the individual’s activities.

Frank was close, whether or not he correctly identified the murdered person. Later, the news identified the man who had been shot and described him as being in real estate. What grabbed my imagination was learning that he owned the nearby township of Millican.

Millican always has interested me. It’s an unincorporated community on Bend’s eastern edge, and now a ghost town with a population of fifty. It long ago was a viable town, and in recent years has been listed for sale.

Often I have imagined, what it might be like to own an entire town? That one. And could an essentially deserted area like Millican be revitalized? To what end and how so?

Now I understand that someone in real estate had purchased Millican. Moreover, that owner was a nearby neighbor. Maybe I’d have looked him up, to ask about Millican’s potential and his plans.

Once again, the Millican territory captures my imagination. I’m wondering about its future. While disliking what makes it again on my mind, I enjoy knowing that someone could visualize its potential.

Dear Friends: An explosion in a neighborhood that’s generally very quiet. Diana

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