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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Did you happen to be where you could enjoy yesterday evening’s incredible moon? After my workday, it still was low and guided me home. A perfect globe, alight and beautiful, I wished to hug it.

A coworker whose birthday is today has invited me to her party. Today I must work, but if by the time I get off her celebration’s still on, I’ll stop in briefly. Years ago, she was in the Navy and toured the world. She holds those years special.

A few nights ago, the PBS Newshour interviewed an X-Navy woman. She’s the CEO of a defense firm employing some 80,000 workers, many are x-military. She’s concerned over the high suicide rate among those who are x-military, and actively promotes making available appropriate mental health care to those in need.

This CEO used to be a career officer and only reluctantly left the Navy. She did so to care for her middle daughter, who was born with a rare metabolic disorder. She now understands that unique disorder and supports research into it. Her daughter is doing well

That special woman made made me think of my hard-working “birthday” coworker. I once asked why she reluctantly left the Navy. She said she’d become pregnant when staying in the military, while pregnant, wasn’t an option.

I think she’ll enjoy the PBS interview. I’ll find and record it as a birthday gift to her.

The news often focuses on lives gone awry. Many others also in pursuing lifetime goals become irrevocably sidetracked. What seems to make a difference is the component we call optimism. Those who maintain optimism find ways to reset their life goals. They continue to live well and productively.

Dear Friends: Thankfully, we mostly enjoy our lives, relationships, and work. Diana

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