Human Rights

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Here’s another day of show-up-early to work. So I’ll be brief.

The Iranian woman who climbed competitively in Korea without wearing a headscarf has returned to Iran. She deplaned, her hair covered by a baseball cap and scarf, meeting cheers from a large crowd of greeters. We hope for her safety, after she didn’t adhere to religious rules mandating women to cover their hair.

In the U.S. women feel free to wear whatever they want and to tackle whatever interests them. However, this country never has adopted, nor likely will, an official Equal Rights Amendment. For bunches of reasons, but essentially because ours is a male-and-money-dominated society.

I applaud the brave crowds in Iran’s streets demanding freedom from strict religious governance. Those people have managed for weeks to roil, and communications to the outside world haven’t been cut off. Their activity, supported by technology and compassionate individuals helping to keep communications alive, represent both local and international objecting to restrictive social policies.

It’s unfortunate in Iran’s process that individuals have been slaughtered. Let’s hope that the uprising leads toward more social freedom in the world. Maybe there will be more viral social uprisings against injustices; the world still awaits reckoning for the inhumane murder of Jamal Khashoggi by the Saudi Prince.

Those are my thoughts today while getting ready for work.

Dear Friends: Way back when, America should have instituted the ERA. Diana

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