Thursday, October 20, 2022

Yesterday afternoon I arrived home and found my flooring expert, Leroy, working with his sons. They were re-setting a complicated banister, removed to lay flooring in the loft. Yes, Leroy has reached the loft area, almost completing this flooring project. He has removed about 2,000 sq. ft. of carpeting and recovered the floor with engineered vinyl.

The vinyl mimics real wood. It looks good, is completely waterproof, and is easy to clean. In my household, it’s more practical than carpeting because I have inside-outside dogs. Engineered flooring makes cleaning after them a breeze.

Also, cleaning is quicker. My cordless vacuum’s fully-charged battery operates for 30-40 minutes before re-charging. One full battery handles all my now-easy flooring (including tiled non-vinyl areas).

Despite its attributes, engineered flooring isn’t perfect. At first walking on it felt a little different and took getting used to. My dogs’ feet can’t grip for hurrying, but they’re learning to slow down, a good thing. Leroy says heavy objects can damage vinyl, so I added protective pads beneath heavier furniture.

More of the good is that vinyl seems to make the house appear more open. The flooring reflects light from ceiling wood and makes art objects more quickly visible. A liking for open space has me replacing heavier furniture with minimalistic pieces.

Dear Friends: This little journey into the unknown has been rewarding. Diana

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