Wonder & Woe

Mt. Hood, Sunrise in September (Ruth Fremson photo, NYT 10-21-22)

Friday, October 21, 2022

Today’s NYT carries a story about the Pacific Northwest Cascades and Mt. Hood area. It speaks to how changing weather patterns are affecting ranchers, farmers, fruit growers, fishing people, and the sports industry.

It’s generously and beautifully illustrated by Ruth Fremson’s photographs, all are gallery worthy.

I felt connected to this article from my perspective near Central Oregon’s Cascades. We southern residents, like Mt. Hood’s, are struggling to adjust to changing weather patterns. Central Oregon’s conditions are worsened because of critical abuses to surrounding natural resources by earlier generations that conducted massive logging operations. This area’s now-exploding population, demanding more dwellings, pushes new home construction into the few remaining local forested areas.

Then, too, this area has water worries because it’s becoming scarce. Warming weather reduces our once-abundant and dependable snows. Historically, melting snowpack and generous natural underground storage capacities fed water throughout Central Oregon. Besides our changing weather, modern abusive water usage negatively is affecting water supplies.

I’m off on a tear, so will stop.

Check out this readable NYT piece and its wonderful photography. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/10/21/us/northwest-snowpack-climate.html

Dear Friends: The Cascade Range fosters vibrant and diverse conditions. Diana

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