Puppy “Chase”

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Remember this tiny guy? I adopted him last May on the spur of the moment. His rescuer said he was 8 weeks old, from a Warm Springs litter, and she’d seen both parents. He’d be a small dog, a Chiweenie.

Here’s that cutie several weeks later.

These days he’s turning 9 months old, and yesterday had his first visit to a veterinarian. He weighed in at 50 lbs., matching the weight of Ranger, my hound dog. His veterinarian says he’s primarily a Rottweiler-Shepherd mix, maybe has a little Lab, too.

For months, I’ve realized he’s no Chiweenie. In growing, he’s become heavy-boned, muscular, and has spring-loaded hindquarters. He loves to high-jump and before long might even clear five-foot fencing that has managed to contain him.

On the “keeper side,” he has an absolutely wonderful temperament. He loves everybody, doesn’t mind being scolded and gets along with my other dogs. This true mutt is here to stay.

He’s still a cutie with puppy-perfect markings. I haven’t a current photo but now he’s inoculated and will hike with me and his buddies. Ahead, pictures galore.

Dear Friends: Drawer’s luck: I got bamboozled and this puppy got a good home. Diana

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