Eventful Days

Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween! While working at a register this morning, I anticipate lots of last-minute candy passing through. And turkeys, too, as the store starts initiating a special on turkeys. The birds are in short supply this year because of the bird flu epidemic causing heavy losses.

Another “big thing” is that our weather is about to change, and dramatically. Forecasted for tonight are rain and freezing, and for the next few days temps in the low double digits. That’s what drew me to today’s header photo, of my equine family in recent perfect weather.

Weather changes are happening rapidly. Typically November has a first heavy freeze, enough to kill grass growth. This year that might occur early, in the upcoming low-temp days. If so, my horses may go over to a neighbor’s pasture and graze to their hearts’ content. My “easy-keeper” horses don’t gain weight from dormant grass.

As for tonight, I don’t anticipate trick-or-treaters here in the town’s “country part.” This area isn’t inviting to costumed roamers. It has small acreages with homes set back, dark streets, and dogs out watching. Families with children often transport them to more dense housing enclaves with lit streets and safe door-knocking.

Dear Friends: Wishing you a fun Halloween and warmth in the upcoming days. Diana

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