Tuesday, November 01, 2022

The NYT is asking for readers to write a brief essay describing what they’re grateful for having happened in 2022. Immediately, what I’m grateful for popped into my brain.

For me, it’s about the economy, stupid. No, not because of discomfort amid continuously rising interest rates and commodity prices. Not because of the seemingly out-of-control stock market’s gyrations. I’m grateful that many people are finding ways to avoid returning to full-time work, and that employers are struggling to find hires.

This year, hiring problems opened avenues for senior retirees, like me, to become viable employment candidates. In more economically settled times, interviewers typically viewed seniors as too old to hire. Not nowadays, because seniors know how to work. We show up and do it, and appreciate earning extra money in this difficult economy.

I’m grateful for having found employment in a busy supermarket.

It began early this year. I didn’t expect to be employed by a local feed store but did get hired to operate an electronic cash register. I knew nothing about cash registers, could only hope my brain would process and retain operating details. Happily, it did, and a reassurance of my memory capabilities was uplifting. Several months behind that register gave me the skills to search for higher-paying work in a grocery store.

Working has made me more understanding of economic ups and downs and their effect on the middle class. This knowledge guides me in navigating my personal world of finances. It also gives me insight into the realities and falsehoods of current politics.

The world is a rough place nowadays. Everything’s on the table, from the sustainably of environment and species to leadership issues and food supplies. Technologies leaping ahead might help to save much.

I’m grateful for finding a comfort zone by remaining active and in touch with others. Hopefully, those others and I represent what’s still a middle class.

Dear Friends: That’s what I’d choose to write about. Diana

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