Free At Last

Thursday, November 03, 2022

DALL-E has hit it out of the park.

My three equines and I waded through the roadway’s melting snow to reach our friend’s pasture. I left the animals there and they spent the afternoon kicking aside snow and eating grass. For them, and me, this time of the year is wonderful because a deep freeze makes the grass dormant.

In summer, grasses are high in sugar. They tend to increase weight on “easy keeper” horses. Too much weight on an equine may initiate health issues. But after a wintery deep freeze, grass becomes dormant (non-sugary) and they may graze freely without gaining weight.

With my iPhone I took photos. The three were uncooperative, spread widely apart, and disinterested in encouragement to appear lively. The best capture shows Rosie in the foreground appearing heavier than she is.

Stunningly, AI can deliver an image that satisfies my imagination more than a photo. To me, AI often reveals more possibilities than a casual capture. In the future, competing with AI will force me to boost my photo game.

Dear Friends: Imagination aside, horses grazing freely are a natural, very pleasing sight. Diana

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