Friday, November 04, 2022

Here begins a series of days of recalling my elder sister, Elaine. She was a unique individual, hugely bright, and very talented. In my young life, she was my key mentor and in my adult life an often troubling challenge. Always, she was an important figure regardless of our relationship status.

She spent her final years here in Central Oregon. She passed away on November 7, three years ago.

She’s often much on my mind. I wonder why her physical beauty and innate talent didn’t adequately overcome her inner doubts and fears. She aggressively sought the limelight and just as aggressively withdrew into hiding.

We were critical of one another. Our phone conversations mostly ended in arguments. Yet, we were very close.

When she no longer could survive alone on the remote Arizona plateau where she had built a home, she allowed me to bring her to Central Oregon. During her last years, we regained truer feelings of sisterhood. These days, I understand more her importance to me and wish she were here to offer guidance when challenges arise. We’d still argue while also being less critical of one another.

Dear Friends: In the upcoming days, I will remember her and will write more about us. Diana

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