Eyes On The Prize

Saturday, November 05, 2022

I’m proud to be an American. I completed my ballot with a sense of optimism for this election’s outcomes and had good feelings en route to the drop box. I appreciate voting by mail, having time to think about filling out a ballot, and getting it early to the counters.

I follow lots of hype and confusing news without doubting my personal positions on issues. I suspect that’s true of most of us: we understand what’s important and what we want. Let talkers be spouting opinions; politicians be waving mightily and pulling at their hair; reporters and “experts” be speaking to varieties of views. Life experience teaches us who we are and how best we might be governed.

Let’s keep hoping that the war in Ukraine ends soon with Russia’s retreat. That bully Putin is a pitiful example of leadership, an internal weakling who needs to save face after a bad decision that’s mightily costing the whole world. The war’s ending would let the world’s nations return to the business of producing and trading. That will strengthen people’s optimism and reduce much name-calling and angry rhetoric that floods the news, disturbs the world, and diverts attention from issues like climate and sustainability.

I’ve gone off on a tear. Will stop now except to say, do cast your vote soon.

Dear Friends: Also right now, buy a lottery ticket; Powerball’s jackpot is a whopper. Diana

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