Seeing & Believing

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Is this me writing? Today, yes, it’s me. But I’m pursuing an Open AI program that supposedly can generate blog posts. That program currently is too complicated for my understanding, but my high interest in AI will keep me trying to tap some of its power. If I succeed in creating a computer-generated paragraph that makes sense, I’ll show and explain it.

Considering Open AI, it has great potential to fool and mislead readers. It’s probably already being used by computer-savvy individuals and teams to sway the public’s thinking in various directions. As an avid newspaper reader, I want to know how to identify computer-generated versus real-person-generated writing.

If I figure out how to use AI to generate a blog post, I’ll explain and demonstrate it. Otherwise, all the writing here will come from my brain and fingers on the keyboard.

I keep playing with DALL-E which generated today’s header image. Its power to respond is astonishing. The key to using DALL-E most satisfactorily comes from experiential learning about how to ask for the desired outcome. AI needs specific words to generate illustrations, and those I choose follow several tries to describe the desired image.

Insights into computer-generated intelligence seem extra important in light of America’s approaching voting deadline. Scholars probably already are trying to correlate computerized possibilities and effects vis a vis election outcomes. It’ll be along haul of study for answers to learn more about how humans may be influenced.

Dear Friends: Written words ahead unless managed well could confuse us all. Diana

2 thoughts on “Seeing & Believing

  1. If we aren’t already there, I’m guessing that AI will soon be to the point where no one will be able to detect AI-generated articles, unless it’s on a subject where we have deep, personal, first hand knowledge of the subject. (Something to worry about?)


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