Winner, Take All

Monday, November 07, 2022

‘Tis the day before election capping months of madness. It’s the politics, Stupid. No, it’s the economy, Stupid. Hey, it’s guns, Mega Stupid. People are weary and soon we’ll know the outcomes. Whatever those are, people’s affluence still will be strained. The ongoing fallout from the pandemic and war in Ukraine will continue to hinder world economies.

Related to voting results, a huge outcome scenario has to do with the continuing or ending of what people understand as a Democracy. Exploding populations, communication technologies, changing attitudes and financial inequities are altering how average persons perceive democracy. Starting tomorrow, we’ll learn more.

Whatever the outcome, I expect most to be impacted by economic insecurity. As to other issues, I’m too old to worry about needing an abortion; haven’t school-age children that might face future danger, and I already own a home. The voting results won’t ease my worries about a live shooter entering an environment where I happen to be. Even quitting my part-time work in a public area wouldn’t make me safer. We must enter public places often.

A customer passing my register in the grocery where I work and associated to the Lottery, advises me to go to a drive-through ticket-purchasing-window and buy ten quick-picks, because Powerball is huge again. I wasn’t going to do this, but after thinking about post-election results, it seems a decent idea. One who’s mega-rich has more options, regardless of economic conditions and political jurisdictions.

Dear Friends: Today on my way to work, I’ll get ten quick-picks for Powerball. Diana

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