Dream On

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Today, there’s no winner of Powerball; there wasn’t even a drawing. Stopping the action was some sort of “security glitch” and now we ticket-holders are waiting. That’s okay because for me this delay allows for continuing to dream of new wealth with more life choices. I’ll keep fantasizing about fixing up my home, buying a new vehicle, and doing something indeterminate related to entrepreneurship. Low bars representing average wants.

The funny thing is, I can do those without first winning a lottery. I’m already in a slow process of fixing up my home. My old vehicles decently get me around, and I’m not in the camp of “Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?” As to entrepreneurship, I’m not sure what I mean, but that sounds good.

I conclude that winning would be like finding whipped cream atop a fabulous chocolate cake, and moreover, allowing for diving in, unconcerned about gaining weight. History teaches that one wealthy enough, who’s fat, seemingly can get away with it. Well, maybe only somewhat. We can recall Orson Welles and Marlon Bando, both very handsome as young men, but way less so, and almost unrecognizable, when older and obese.

It’s fun to visualize myself literally rolling in cash. But, there’s a whole Pandora’s Box about how to use excess wealth to help others responsibly. Maybe that’s in my imagined entrepreneurship component. One needs vision and professional help to distribute wealth wisely. Fortunately, there are highly-wealthy, living individuals doing just that. McKenzie Scott is an example, although her personal wealth far exceeds the biggest lottery jackpot.

We await the drawing and enjoy dreaming while recognizing more of our individualities.

Dear Friends: Happiness is a brain product, and not from external trappings and/or high wealth. Diana

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