Clearing Sky

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

This “fall back” early morning reveals a very blue sky. It reflects hopefully today’s blue-enough America.

The counting for Oregon’s Governor continues in a close race. If that office goes Red, it’ll be the first time in forty years that Oregon has Republican leadership. Astonishing, in a state long with a conservative population. Old timers complain that the liberal bastion of Portland has swung voting, and more nowadays as “Portland” receives support from Eugene and Bend.

I’m no “bleeding liberal” as Dems may be sub-labelled. My humble perspective is that Americans are wealthy enough to care adequately for most citizens. It’s not right that a mere 1% of Americans control 99% of this country’s wealth and use it to wield great power. This election season has demonstrated that vast resources can be used to alter or destroy what many Americans accept as a Democracy.

Last evening, I followed the national returns and realized that my biggest concerns were over House and Senate races. The results coming in allow many Americans to rest easier. A nearly even division will force seat winners to negotiate across aisles. That represents more fairness than a slam dunk from one side.

This has been an astonishing political season. It owes kudos to Democracy, for continuing, and for supporting voters’ perspectives.

Dear Friends: A new category allowing self-identify as a “Liz Cheney Republican” suggests the future. Diana

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