Chase, et al

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Early today, my puppy (Rottweiler/GSD), Chase, goes in for neutering. He’s approaching eight months old and occasionally challenges my older male dogs. It’s time to do the deed. Chase is energetic and friendly; he loves everybody and is a keeper.

For the next week or so, he’ll wear an E-collar, or a donut-style one, whichever prevents reaching his stitches. My scheduled eight-hour workdays will force me to leave him outside, but in today’s freezing temperatures I will take time off. Chase will stay with me in the house and have supervised outings. I’ve not worked out details, but will create a plan.

My six months of hourly work, cashiering in a busy supermarket, have been fun. Store employees and customers alike love me. I show up when scheduled and do my job well.

I can operate a cash register efficiently, have memorized many product codes, and interact appropriately with shoppers hurrying and worrying about food costs. This job has given me highly marketable skills. I’ve begun thinking about exploring other job opportunities.

These days the supermarket is busy. Cashiers work hard from starting to finishing times. Taking care of Chase might call for too many days off. I’ve worked well, have achieved some key goals, and could quit to care for Chase.

I’d also explore other job opportunities. I like working, being among the public, gaining a larger sense of social and economic trends, and enjoying extra income, to cover “wants” that aren’t needs.

Dear Friends: Someone in CA has won the $2B Powerball prize; a life-changer. Diana

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