Oh, Chase!

Friday, November 11, 2022

It’s Veteran’s Day. In this early morning, the Markets are open, and nosediving after an exciting string of run-ups. The Nation’s general mood feels different than before the mid-terms. People seem more optimistic despite Market gyrations. The major newspapers are reporting good news, that some food prices are coming down.

But so are housing prices. Watching those will be interesting and perhaps jarring.

This morning, my main concerns are home-based. Yesterday, my puppy, Chase, was neutered. That evening, he removed and tore apart a seemingly capable donut collar designed to prevent the licking of stitches. Not a huge problem, for I also had an Elizabethan collar, and even managed to get on him. Chase resisted mightily and in minutes had slid his neck free.

This happened during late evening, what could I do?

This morning, I found him, awake and licking stitches. After we walked briefly in the freezing outdoors, I gave him a mild sedative. Early today, we’ll revisit the veterinarian for a re-check of his stitches, and hopefully, a more effective E-collar. (Those two collars he dumped were from Amazon, highly rated, with sales of some thirty-thousand-plus.)

Dear Friends: Lessons learned (again!): no more puppies, no more spays/neuters. Yes, no more! Diana

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