Freezing Weather

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Snowing! Today, Central Oregon’s high will be 31 degrees. It’s a day for staying home to care for my animals.

Yesterday, I gave written notice to the Human Resources Manager in the grocery that employs me. I explained my concerns with caring for animals in frigid weather that discourages long working hours away from home. She requested two weeks’ notice, said I could work only five hours daily, and I agreed. Today, however, the internet scheduling app doesn’t show me with reduced working hours. The heavy snow discourages my leaving home.

By quitting abruptly, I’ll probably not be re-employed by the grocery. Fortunately, however, this economy offers many working opportunities. Months behind a busy cash register has given me a highly marketable skill. That’s in my back pocket, but I’d seek new work that will offer learning.

Today at home, I can let dogs inside and outside as needed; ensure that my horses frequently receive hay; and care for the chickens, turkeys, and goats. Plus, I will make sure that puppy Chase doesn’t mess with his stitches.

Dear Friends: Inclement weather has occurred very early this season and disrupts my routine. Diana

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