Writer’s Block

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Oh dear, the internet is making available an AI program that’s capable of developing a writer’s ideas and finishing thoughts. In playing with the program, I think it won’t help my blogs, for my style is very personal. What’s cool though, is that this AI is helpful and makes me want to create fiction. Using it could prevent stumbles into writer’s block!

I’ll keep playing with it. I could dredge up some of my old creations to learn if using AI might punch them up. Years ago I wrote a fantasy, that I’m still fond of, but couldn’t create a satisfying ending. AI might enlighten and help, or might not, but I’m eager to discover.

I have fallen in love with DALL-E, an internet AI which creates satisfying illustrations from requested descriptions. I have company, too, as DALL-E images often head up contributor articles in major newspapers. DALL-E also might be illustrating books, an aspect I’ve not explored.

For me, there’s today’s reality. It’s bitterly cold at 20-deg. F. Once again, I will skip working. On Sundays, the grocery store is packed with customers and needs cashiers. I understand that I can leave after working five hours, but today my animals need me. In freezing weather, the equines and other outside critters need frequent feedings. Also, puppy Chase mustn’t mess with his stitches (I resist his E-collar as often he’s kenneled in a small environment}.

Our farrier, Russ, will arrive early today. He drives here from California every five or six weeks. Unlike any farrier I’ve ever known, Russ is informed and liberal-leaning and has a cool sense of humor. I enjoy catching up as Russ works on the horses.

Dear Friends: My blogs always will be my own brain children and without AI assistance. Diana

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