Tuesday, November 15, 2022

I’ve begun hanging and turning on my outside Christmas lights, starting at the barn. They’re warm greetings, although now might be too early for them. Homeowners usually activate their Christmas lights after Thanksgiving. Anyway, last evening, I enjoyed peering through the sheer darkness at a lighted string of multi-colors at my barn. I will leave them up until the end of January, or this time not take them down at all.

I felt like pausing and hanging my lights after quitting my part-time job. For the first time in months, I could relax and do whatever I wished. What changed things is that this winter season began suddenly and harshly. Continued snowing and freezing temperatures encouraged deciding to stay home and care for my animals.

First, I’ll string the remaining lights, and then seriously will start working with my own images and the Photoshop editing program. I enjoy the illustrations that artificial intelligence produces and surely will enjoy mine. What’s been missing is enough free time to focus, practice, learn, and produce.

Today’s header is from AI, and tomorrow’s might be a product of my efforts.

Dear Friends: This cold, beautiful morning is an invitation to use the daylight hours wisely. Diana

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