Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Today’s header photo shows Peaches in his cage savoring a hot dog. I decided to use Photoshop, remove the image’s background and then place Peaches and his snack elsewhere. These changes would be my first experiment in navigating the complex Photoshop software.

After removing the in-home background, I could see challenges in finding a suitable background for Peaches, his perch, and the hot dog. A temporary solution was to place them against a solid color background.

This image’s tilted perch won’t easily fit into a natural tree, as I had hoped. I wondered if the saved components could be fitted onto a stump or a rock. I didn’t see an appropriate natural stump but spotted a rock that might serve.

Combining these two images successfully calls for a clear vision of desirable outcome and a clever manipulation of software. By tomorrow morning, I hope to have progressed adequately to share.

Dear Friends: Photoshop has enormous possibilities and greatly inspires creativity. Diana

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