Thursday, November 17, 2022

Well, there’s Peaches on a big rock, and somehow, minus his perch and hot dog. While he’s wrongly sized in this, I did eliminate an original image’s background and successfully moved Peaches from a cage into the outdoors. I think these represent a decent start to learning the complex software, Photoshop.

In examining photos taken with my camera, my mind plays with them. Individual images often have me wishing to combine a couple or more, to tell a story or to increase their potential.

This began years ago. I was playing around and combined several throwaway shots, creating one I have loved. It shows my donkey, Pimmy, gazing at the wintery moon over the Cascade Mountains. Of course, this morning I cannot locate that old image in time for this blog. I will post it tomorrow.

Anyway, here’s to sharing my accomplishment so far, Hoping to continue and create something better.

Dear Friends: Cool as AI is, it’s really less than what human brains may produce. Diana

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