Pretty & Slick

Friday, November 18, 2022

Still freezing here, the weather that is, and I keep myself bundled up. Today’s header photo shows the early morning path toward my barn from up at the house.

After quitting work outside my home, I am finding time for animal care and property needs. This extreme cold multiples animal needs. Maintaining warmth expends mega calories. I face frozen-over watering devices, sheltering areas needing improvements, and making corrections to feeding amounts and frequencies.

There also are my dogs. I let them be outside for a while and then inside for a while. This works well since mostly they sleep while inside. That gives me computer time for writing, reading, and attempting to create something cool.

Yesterday and today have the horror of black ice. Years ago, a couple of bad slips taught me that danger, which now discourages walking with my horses on asphalt toward a neighbor’s pasture. The horses will have to be in a dry lot until Central Oregon’s atmosphere heats a little.

It is lighter now and quite beautiful outside. But it’s cold!

Dear Friends: Icy weather is neat for carrying around and pointing a camera. Diana

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