Changing Times

Saturday, November 19, 2022

The weather experts predict today’s local conditions to warm up. The area’s current uninviting 12 degrees F by this afternoon will register at 40 degrees F. Later this morning, I’ll lead my horses to a neighbor’s pasture and leave them to graze. Today, the streets won’t smack of black ice and threaten our safety, going or returning home later.

Yesterday, needing vinegar and canned pumpkin, and being price-conscious, I visited Costco. That store was mobbed with Thanksgiving-focused shoppers. Moving my cart against traffic flows through the aisles required time and effort; I was happy to escape the store with little beyond my two designated purchases.

Today, I’ll find a similar mob of shoppers in the supermarket where I’m no longer employed. I will go there to clear my locker without having to face unending customers lined up at a cash register. Cashiering is very physical work and increasingly so as a celebratory holiday approaches. I’m grateful for gaining the skills to operate a register, and equally so for having quit.

I watched Costco cashiers working even more physically. Carts roll on a cashier’s side of a register with heavier items inside needing scans. Cashiers must also scan small items moving on a register belt. At least, many have helpers that make checking out quicker.

These days while not working beyond my home, I relish having the time to care for my animals. I can fool around, too, for example, playing at creating a logo.

Dear Friends: Moving on now with hopes to understand later, better, as to where. Diana

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