Worried World

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Yesterday, another mass shooting and this time in a Colorado LGBTQ nightclub. It’s another awful expression of social hatred by an American, seriously mentally ill and maladjusted. Here’s what else is awful: I didn’t pause to read about that shooting. My brain said to the headline, “Not again,” and skipping that story searched for others of interest.

Mass shootings in America and other developed nations seem occurring daily. They follow similar threads. Shooters typically are young men. Most after shooting are found dead. They share have common histories, of frequenting online hate sites and describing online their own deep hatreds while posting murderous threats.

Citizens are learning to expect such activities. The few shooters who’ve been found alive and are in custody are troubling to manage. Should they be executed or not? Is it helpful to those suffering losses of loved ones to describe their anger and sadness, to a stone-faced murderer?

As for me? While a supermarket cashier, always on my mind was that store’s cashiering setup. Just inside large entry doors are its fifteen cash registers. There wasn’t a question about an entering active shooter’s ability instantly to wipe out all register operators. That fear intensified among store workers after an active shooter targeted, shot up, and murdered, inside a local Safeway.

An imagined scenario didn’t make me quit working in the store. I did for other reasons, and yet, feel relieved for not working in a front row of multiple cash registers.

The world’s population, having reached 8 billion, forces more a general acceptance of our social and individual differences. Our enlightenment and understanding are revealing many incapacities of our usual legal positions. Calls are urgent for a united Congress, or at least bodies willing to and capable of negotiating across aisles.

Dear Friends: I am sad over the Colorado mass shooting, and today will immerse myself in a computer world. Diana

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