Back To The Future

Monday, November 21, 2022

Today, I’ll go to St. Charles Medical Center for a job interview. For a change, it’s about desk-style work, part-time, and suits my experience. That’s also my preference after months of experience behind a busy retail cash register.

I became interested in St. Charles after bumping into previous co-workers who now are employed there. They like their work, are paid well, and not interested in leaving their jobs. They encouraged me to explore opportunities, which I did, and thus, today’s interview.

Years ago, I worked in a medical environment. Working in Human Resources for Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles, I became assigned to its Bellflower Medical Center as an internal consultant to the management teams. That environment introduced me to a large hospital structure and to employee roles. I learned the processes for decision-making and communicating throughout the environment. Today’s interview may draw from that background.

For the past week of not working, I’ve enjoyed being home but slightly feel isolated. I enjoyed having the camaraderie of co-workers who like me are retirees. We viewed working in similar ways, giving it our best, and being mutually supportive. I felt that kinship again yesterday on returning to the market to clear my locker.

Interestingly, many retirees were very conservative; their political views differed significantly from mine. We sensed the differences and didn’t discuss politics. As a minority group, we elderlies focused on appreciating and supporting ourselves.

Today I’ll learn what St. Charles offers. For sure, many retirees are working there, as volunteers or in salaried positions.

Dear Friends: It’s weird, that I’ve not already sought employment in a medical environment. Diana

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