Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Note: On this day in 1963 JFK was assassinated in Dallas. That and ensuing leadership changes began what today are continuous and ever-increasing social/political conflicts. The processes of governing have become complex and confusing beyond what anyone might ever have predicted or could have imagined.

Nowadays, we’re accustomed to assassinations. They occur all around us–in schools, nightclubs, neighborhood homes, and on the streets.

Today, and fortunately, we’re made aware of a mega-heroic act. An ex-military, professional warrior happened to be in a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub. He responded immediately to gunfire; he tackled and brought down an active shooter. He got his hands on the shooter’s gun and steadily beat the man’s head with it. Someone else kicked an AK rifle beyond the shooter’s reach, and another person in high heels stomped on the downed shooter.

Serendipitous, right? People out, enjoying being together. A shooter enters, begins killing, and a trained warrior happens to be at the scene with his family and responds.

This story’s endings are rotten and great. Rotten is that people were killed, and great is that many more weren’t.

The cartoon header sums up much. Pelosi’s attempts to address gun violence have achieved only moderate successes. The Supreme Court agrees with a Republican majority that gun ownership and carrying is a constitutional free right.

Pelosi’s pants suits and high heels are recognizable images of her political strength and masterful management.

Dear Friends: We hope the next Congress reveals thoughtful heroes, participating for the greater good. Diana

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