Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

In my neighborhood, this day will be wonderfully warm. Our temps will climb into the mid-fifties.

This morning, I’m thinking about thankfulness and feeling grateful for tender mercies. There are “internals,” including reasonable health, strength to carry on, and brain energy. There are “externals,” like a sturdy homestead, healthy pets, and opportunities for periodic part-time employment, and ongoing friendships.

A key external I’m thankful for is this blog. I appreciate my readers and enjoy writing. I try to remain upbeat, but sometimes larger social and political events control my finger landings on the keyboard. I’m thankful to all who read both my good and less better blogs.

May we on this pleasant morning feel optimistic about today and tomorrow? And speaking of tomorrow, may we again meet here?

Dear Friends: Let’s hope this Thanksgiving Day offers up healthy doses of pleasure and reflection. Diana

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