Cloud Speaking

Friday, November 25, 2022

Hello, Black Friday!

I looked through many available “deals” without finding anything I want or need, or don’t already have. This year’s Black Friday, like most other venues, lacks new attention-grabbing bright technological products. Following the Covid period and now the active war in Ukraine, the creative pipeline isn’t popping for household and personal products. Plus, factor in a sagging economy and cautious public mood.

Without paying much attention to changing, I’ve begun leaning more toward streaming. I’m tired of lugging books around to find places for them, and searching through stacks to find a particular book. I’ve begun reading books using the Kindle app or a Reader. Those make it a cinch to pull up almost any book, from anywhere and anytime. As to television, mine mostly remain turned off.

I gave up the internet long ago and found it too costly with unattractive choices. I streamed movies until sitting and watching became too time-consuming, and I canceled the subscriptions. I still like watching PBS for two evening airings that are excellent: The Newshour and Amanpour & Company. The Newshour airs often when I’m not home; and Amanpour airs at 10 p.m., usually just too late. Subscribing to PBS Passport lets me air both broadcasts on my own time on my computer screen.

After long resisting spending lots of time at a computer, I’ve adapted. There are Kindle and Passport, and (to be honest one Black Friday purchase, Hulu at $1.99/mo. for a year). Last night, I snuggled under an electric blanket with a tablet and watched a recent new movie from a talented director whom I admire.

To facilitate my transformation, it could make sense to try comprehending Elon Musk. Of course, many have/are and remain confused by the man; he’s wealthy. odd, and perhaps a technological genius. Musk reminds me of Howard Hughes, another super-wealthy genius and oddball. Hughes created the Spruce Goose, a prototype strategic flying boat that actually flew, but wasn’t finished soon enough to use in WWII. Ah genius, ah weirdos, ah money!

Dear Friends: This Black Friday represents a re-energizing of cloud-driven commerce. Diana

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