Time Affects

Saturday, November 26, 2022

It appears that our current balmy weather will become fierce with snow predicted on Monday. The dogs and I have enjoyed the past several days of milder temperatures. Here’s hoping that “whatever weather” arrives next isn’t too awful.

We’re entering the dark days of December. Now, “midnight” seemingly occurs around 5 p.m. or earlier. Truly, I get confused during early darkness times. Now, early evening hours seem way later than my wristwatch shows. During these and upcoming briefer daylights, routine bedtime beckons early as 8 p.m.

The dogs come inside in the early evening and crash and sleep. I wind up doing the same but over a computer. At some point, faux unconsciousness quits, and as my brain returns to reality it’s thinking bedtime.

Yesterday, a professional dispatcher whose work makes him “in the know” told me there will be a final time turnover, which will happen next spring. After that, he said confidently, daylight savings time will remain unchanged without future time changes.

I’m just repeating the straw of hope that happened my way.

We’ve learned that semi-annual time changes make daylight changes highly confusing. Having to cope with suddenly shifting daylight hours is a hardship. Topping that, weather changes feel abrupt and unpleasant. So stressful.

Regardless, we’re entering this year’s darkest season knowing to anticipate having to cycle through. If my informer’s perception is true, next year we might learn what it’s like to experience “dark days” occurring in clock time not artificially adjusted.

Dear Friends: The current kind weather helps to ease the stress of adjusting our internal clocks. Diana

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