Imagining & Imaging

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Yesterday with my zoom camera, I took today’s header photo. It’s an uphill drive intersecting with a footpath from my house. This random, lucky capture with good composition guides a viewer’s eye from the bottom left to the top right. My only alteration to the original was a slight trimming.

Meanwhile, I have a stiff neck for having stared at my computer too long. I’m trying to learn to manipulate images using Photoshop, a huge, daunting suite of tools and techniques.

Last night, I decided to play with the header photo, by inserting an image from another photo. I looked through many saved images and came across this one.

It’s my neighbor, Frank, watching his dogs skate on an iced-over pond. No telling how old this image might be, but apparently, it’s from before Frank acquired a third dog.

At first, I considered putting Frank himself into my landscape photo. But I’m a new learner and elected a simpler and easier addition. I’d add one of the dogs, and Abby in the middle seemed poised about right.

My first step was to isolate Abby before putting her into another image.

Then I had to remove Abby from her original background.

And then, I combined the images.

This combo came together after lots of focusing with trial and error attempts. If not 100% perfect, it represents a giant learning step.

Dear Friends: Abby seems happier on the snow rather than on that ice. Diana

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