Wednesday, November 30, 2022

There she goes, full speed ahead! This photo from a few years ago is one of my favs. Quick Osix, she can be a challenge to capture.

Today she’s on my mind. She’s turning 10 years old! Osix was born in a barn, in Alfalfa, and my arm greatly was twisted before I would consider a newborn. Then was during the 2012 housing crisis, my roughest time as my home was under water. I was searching for new digs and the last thing I needed was a puppy.

On meeting her, oh well. Who can resist an infant?

Just look! Who could have said no?

A few weeks later, her “mousy” puppy coat began to reveal the colors in her mom’s beautiful coat. Osix quickly attained that rich coloration known as “sable.” It could be a sign of rough collie in her lineage.

Colorful and pretty, there are no throwaway photos of Osix. Nearly all are knockouts.

Osix proved herself to be very smart. She’s also very quirky and very loyal. Over the years, she’s covered many miles with my horses. She’s navigated all sorts of trails, is good with my other dogs, and most happily would be my always companion.

How can she be turning 10? Where did those years go?

It matters little in terms of what’s really important. She’s a great companion, and our years together have been loving.

(BTW, a shout-out to Osix’s full brother, Nick. He’s equally quirky and fun, and lives with our friends, Julie and Dave.)

Happy Birthday, pups!

Dear Friends: Here’s one more image. Diana

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