Hi Again, December

Thursday, December 01, 2022

During the winters Mule Deer frequently migrate through our neighborhood. This group at the bottom of my hill watched me but wasn’t fearful. After snapping this image I let them graze peacefully. Such sightings make me feel good because they represent continuing local wildlife. Deer migrations are fewer than when I moved here, for the city was small then with more unfenced and accessible areas.

It’s December and nearing the time of this city’s annual Christmas Parade. I considered entered my donkey, Pimmy, an experienced and very popular parade participant, but have been busy straightening and fixing things gone wrong on the property. There wasn’t spare time to reconsider and refit a Christmas costume.

Last year, I was working and couldn’t participate, but Pimmy marched in the Parade. Here, Julie Gilbert leads her to join the other marchers.

Abby Gilbert riding Pimmy through the Parade, and here her Aunt Darcy holds the lead rope.

More than just the approaching Holiday is wonderful about December. Christmas arrives to “lighten” the year’s darkest days. Very soon afterwards, the real extended lighting starts to occur. The daylights gradually lengthen, re-energizing us, and we start turning our sights to spring.

Dear Friends: It’s fun, glimpsing backward at ways we’ve navigated this darkest month. Diana

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