December Blooms

Friday, December 02, 2022

My two mature Christmas cactus have bloomed!

After several years without having any astonishingly beautiful cactus blooms, I picked up a couple of baby plants last year. They weren’t in great shape and sometimes I’m a casual caregiver. Both are tough plants that survived, and now spectacularly are colorful and welcome.

Cactus plants may be unattractive throughout the year but with almost minimal care can transform into beautiful salutes to the year’s darkest month.

My friend and neighbor, Bill, recently gave me a new Christmas Cactus. Well, new to me anyway. In reality, it’s a starter cutting from his grandmother’s Christmas cactus. The plant is about 100 years old and still thriving in Bill’s care. He created a starter for me months ago, a lovely gift. I’m anticipating a new color surprise when it blooms next December.

Here’s the thing about a Christmas cactus. Until December, it’s an ordinary appearing array of thick green leaves with relatively microscopic changes. In December it becomes a beautiful treasure. Unfortunately, that change is temporary for too soon the plant reverts to its nearly yearlong homely self.

This year, I’ve more to look forward to. Last year, I adopted another couple of baby cactus plants. One is a Thanksgiving cactus that didn’t manage to bloom last month. The other is an Easter cactus which theoretically blooms around Easter. I’ll be waiting.

(P.S. Unable to upload my photos promptly, I turned to DALL-E. Tomorrow I’ll post my real cactus blooms.)

Dear Friends: More to appreciate and enjoy in the year’s darkest month. Diana

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