Blooms & Icies

Saturday, December 03, 2022

As promised, I’ve uploaded my two Christmas cacti. One’s in the header photo.

I took photos of both and with each in the wrong background. I figured to make repairs with Photoshop by adding icy backgrounds since this is wintertime.

That blue ice might be a little strong. I looked around for difference background ices.

This is my other currently blooming cactus.

I placed it against a lighter icy background, which sets it off nicely.

I didn’t intend to get sidetracked here about experimenting with Photoshop. Attempting to repair not-so-good captures is an involved process. You can see that the original images weren’t straight. I was in a hurry and neglected the setups. I thought it would be easy to straighten them in Photoshop, and it is, but I’ve not figured out how to do that.

My cacti are beautiful “in person” and both very pleasing. I like them, too, as project images. I will keep playing with them and Photoshop to learn more, and better, the ways to manipulate them.

Dear Friends: It’s encouraging after learning some of the basics to be drawn to moving forward. Diana

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