Sunday, December 04, 2022

I walked down my driveway toward the mailbox while also carrying a zoom camera. Way away and high among dead branches I saw what seemed a perched bird, but too far away to see clearly. Instantly, I was interested.

In wintery frigid weather, wild birds aren’t easily spotted. This one wasn’t in a hurry to fly away and I paused peering into the distance, deciding it really was a bird, but one I couldn’t identify offhand. It had mottled colors and a long beak suggesting a woodpecker type.

My zoom camera solved that mystery. I laughed on recognizing a Flicker. Of course, it’s wintertime and Flickers are returning cold-weather birds. This one while staying put was turning its head and searching around. I had plenty of time to adjust my camera and take photos.

Here the bird looks backward.

And here it’s looking forward.

Within a reasonable distance Flickers easily are identifiable. They’re adorned with stunning colors that remain apparent in their rapid flying. They also often perch on a home and drill noisily into its siding or roofing.

I wondered what was keeping this one for so long in that one spot, and what it might be looking for. My best guess was insects, inside the tree’s dead bark or flying around and grabbable.

I like these photos and have not done any retouching. I do wonder how a different sky might affect the image and might practice with them to adjust or alter the sky background.

For a long while, I’ve been too busy to stroll with a camera and looking upward at treetops. I enjoy photographing birds and nowadays have more time to go and sight for wild birds. These captures mark a happy return to that cool hobby.

Dear Friends: This morning, at +18 deg. F and heavy snowing, wild birds will tend to lay low. Diana

2 thoughts on “Flicker

  1. I don’t know any builder of nest boxes and Flickers probably wouldn’t be interested in one. They’re woodpeckers, after all, and yours is just doing its job. Hold your breath and maybe it’ll just move off. I’ve needed repairs for their holes and those can be simple. Whenever I hear a Flicker’s rat-ta-tatting, I hurry outside and scream at the bird. That’s all I can offer. They are beautiful though.


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