Snow Day

Monday, December 05, 2022

Yesterday morning several inches of snow fell. The header photo of my horses reveals the overall landscape.

From 100 yards away, I snapped this photo of Chase watching Osix. Her “slanted expression” hints that she’s on the verge of dashing. The instant my shutter snapped, she did, and he hurried after her. Chase likes Osix, who reluctantly tolerates him.

As I walked through the several inches of snow, Maxwell accompanied me.

Notice that Max is standing in one of my footsteps. He preferred being in the least deep snow and weaved a path that stayed inside my tracks.

Through the haze, my zoom camera captured Pilot Butte, it’s some four miles away. The cinder blocks covered in snow in the foreground are about halfway to the Butte.

There are other interesting images from yesterday. Today, I will download some and publish them tomorrow.

Dear Friends: I finally captured Chase (now nine-months-old) who actually stayed still long enough. Diana

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