Horse Play

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Here’s one of my best images of these two good friends, Rosie and Pimmy. From a few years ago and without snow on the ground, it’s also a nice memory of warm weather.

Several times daily nowadays, I haul out sleds of hay for these two and their buddy, Sunni. Here are Rosie and Pimmy, photographed more recently and just before this season’s early snowfall.

Now that I’m again active with a camera, I’ve begun posting images on Pimmy’s Facebook page (“Pimmy Donkey in Central Oregon”). Pimmy always is popular and the new postings are being “liked.” I’m encouraged to photograph ever more creatively she and her buddies.

This is a quick hello and on a slightly warmer morning, it’s up to 28 deg F. There’s snow still on the ground, but with sunshine, and maybe even some melting today. I’ll be out and with a camera to capture some “new looks.” It’s amazing how imagining views through a camera heightens imaging possibilities in the most common sights.

Dear Friends: I’ll look forward to introducing some fresh and fun captures tomorrow. Diana

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