Wednesday. December 7, 2022

This was a “throwaway” shot during my camera practice yesterday. I was standing about thirty feet from Sunni and randomly clicking the shutter. While eating hay from the ground she suddenly looked up. Bingo! This capture ranks high among my favorite images.

It’s cool in photography that a least planned capture may offer great potential. Taking time to explore a raw image’s details might reveal hidden gems. I’ve benefitted several times from doing that.

Several years ago, I cut uninteresting bits from three photos and stitched them together to create a story. That early composition became Pimmy looking at the moon above the Cascades.

That pleasing result upped my game and made me start considering Photoshop. I’m trying to learn that software these days.

The header picture of Sunni could use a background. That’s a challenge because of how her mane is blowing. The trick is to capture all the wispy mane parts. I’ve not yet figured out how to isolate all including the wisps.

This will be brief for today a new refrigerator arrives to replace my kitchen unit. The now-kitchen one will replace the current garage unit which will be hauled away. This morning, I must create a wide enough path through the garage for a refrigerator and dolly to pass and empty both refrigerators.

I’ll see you again on the other side.

Dear Friends: Last night, my zoom camera might have captured the Space Station, hopefully. Diana

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