Cold Days

Thursday, December 08, 2022

The header is last night’s December “Cold Moon” at its fullest. This was my first space-capture with a new zoom camera. This image doesn’t disappoint and practice will improve future ones.

Speaking of practice, I did shoot into the sky at midday several days earlier.

This is a common sight overhead, I think it’s purpose is to train new pilots.

Another common sight is Broken Top and wild geese. It’s my first image of geese in flight and represents a high moment. Geese overhead in formation and noisy are an exciting sight. This image of them flying above my favorite Cascade, Broken Top, is a winner.

We’ve had a long string of days with freezing weather and snow. It’s tiring in the cold, feeding large animals and working on the property. My camera is a worthwhile buddy in this stressful weather, a reminder of good sightings.

Dear Friends: I’ve been shooting on autofocus and now will shift to manual focus and compare. Diana

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