Baby Steps

Friday, December 09, 2022

Remember this header photo from one of my recent blogs? I used Photoshop and managed to extract my Christmas cactus from an overall messy image. I gave it an abstract background but couldn’t straighten the plant and improve its overall effect. I’m a newbie to Photoshop and didn’t know how.

After working more with Photoshop and learning, here’s that plant again.

Now, remember this image of my other blooming Christmas cactus?

It wasn’t straight, I didn’t like the background, and have practiced with Photoshop. Here’s the update. It has been straightened but is edited imperfectly. I’m challenged to improve it and to insert a non-white background.

For now, I’ll settle for what’s what and be pleased for making some progress. I’ll work more with this complex cactus using Photoshop to make it pop more fully and give it a background.

Dear Friends: One step at a time in working through this complex editing software. Diana

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