Fresh View

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Here’s my lead mare, Rosie, during one of our recent snows. She is Sunni’s older (full) sister and guards a trio which includes Pimmy Donkey. This image is a good one for posting later to the Facebook world.

I am tangled in a mess. I purchased a new phone, from google, and elected google-fi as its carrier. The phone coverage should be fine, but google is without brick and mortar locations. All google-fi business (and support, if one finds it) is online.

I’m stuck in multi-failures to move data from my old to a new phone.

This change was appropriate because I’ve accepted self-servicing as the future. That became apparent when I worked in a grocery store. Most customers complained of hating to self-checkout. However, that will become the norm unless the economy shifts, with employees becoming easier to afford, attract, hire, and retain.

I thought, why not give all online a go? Won’t google make everything relatively easy?

Well, not for me.

Complicating the hands-on challenges is that I’m also transitioning from an iPhone to a Pixel 7. After several years of having and enjoying iStuff, I’ve concluded at heart I’m a droid person. Probably because my online life began and matured with android products. Now, after several years with Apple products and without serious complaints, I’m opting for a Pixel. I used to have one and liked it.

Brick and mortar locations like Verizon’s make changing over easy. There, the knowledgeable humans do all setting up a new phone, transferring data, and fine tuning. I’m very lost after a week of interacting with google support and attempting to transition my data. Add in time pressures; a complete turnover must occur during a window allowing a return of old phone for credit.

I’m unloading but not exploding. The local weather helps with ongoing snow and winds, discouraging outside escapes to play. It does encourage short treks out with a camera to capture old views now looking new. Plus, there are my dogs, happy with me, outside or inside, and regardless of what I’m doing or my mood.

Dear Friends: Now back to work, and with hopes of retaining my long-time phone number. Diana

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