Just Because

Sunday, December 11, 2022

We could equate ordinary living to trekking on a long path toward unique goals, pointing to where we hope to wind up. That path continuously stretches onward, for goals that become reachable (or not) force new ones that loom and alter the path. We learn to recognize and accept constant necessities, like adjusting our paths, reframing our unique goals, and readapting our treks.

Those were my feelings while deciding on today’s header photo. This image isn’t from my camera, but long ago illustrated a NYT article. It suggests learning, moving on, and changing perspectives relative to what seems ahead.

I suppose these feelings are related to my successful phone changeover. Today I have a new phone, and my old phone number, as well as a different carrier: google-fi. The entire changeover was handled with online assistance from a fi-support team representative. That techie agreed with my perception that everything will transition to online.

Indeed, I took a quick afternoon trip to Costco and saw its cellphone kiosk closed. That used to be one of the store’s busiest spots.

Before going to google, I planned to change phones in the Verizon Store, but couldn’t get help. There were too few employees to service a long waiting line. I was short on time and left, to seek an alternative. I’ll admit, it is wonderful , having a live representative do all the work. For me, changing phones and transferring data became a learning journey, which took me through phone cords, wi-fi connections, mythical cloud storages, and more.

I’m interpreting that changing over in that new way was a goal achieved on my personal road to wherever.

Dear Friends: It’s snowing heavily outside now but there’s light this morning inside my head. Diana

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