Deep Winter

Monday, December 12, 2022

Here’s a snowy road again, only this time it’s mine! This one goes straight up from my barn to the house. Notice in the lower fenced area and watching me, my loyal Border Collie, ten-year-old Miles.

Yesterday morning’s blog had me considering road images, how they can trigger human imagination. Outside, it was beginning to snow lightly, but soon the snow grew heavier.

While outside to feed my barnyard critters, I could see the landscape changing dramatically. My new cellphone captured images from down at the barn.

This closer view of the fenced area highlights heavy snow accumulated on tree branches. Also, nine-month-old Chase has joined Miles, with both hoping for an invitation to join me.

This turned into my favorite capture, for I love images that suggest stories. This one inspires equally to yesterday’s road image, by provoking feelings and notions about living, learning, and being.

I couldn’t take more pictures, for instead needing to start wading uphill. Fortunately, a pair of walking sticks on hand at the barn helped me break a “do-able path” through about eight inches of snow.

The snowing has stopped and it’s too cold for melting to occur. I’ll be outside looking creatively at not-ordinary landscapes and seeing, too, through a camera lens.

Dear Friends: We who don’t ski must find other ways to enjoy being outside in deep snow. Diana

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