Fog-Frozen Respite

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Late yesterday, I fed horses in a freezing fog. I might have been standing in a world of glass. When heavy fog freezes on every surface, there’s a unique chill. One feels and sees it. The air is cold and still, the trees and bushes layered with ice coatings sparkle.

Aside from the crunching underfoot as one walks, all is eerily quiet. Freezing fogs are felt and seen, and reminders of nature’s incredible power.

The almost magical environment is a photographer’s dream. Light variations encourage us to see through new eyes.

The near background to these equines is almost hidden. The far background is a mush of thick air and clouds that effectively obliterate the Cascades.

In every direction, the fog lighting comes in varying shades.

For years, I’ve cared for some ranch style animals. That requires my trekking outside, regardless of the weather, several times daily. The current period has our year’s shortest daylights, so some of my treks are in darkness. We on ranches and farms must trek on despite freezing snow and deep fogs.

Sometimes we’re surprised and delighted, by recognizing new beauty in the environment, like yesterday afternoon’s world of glass.

Dear Friends: Today’s local world, bright and clear, remains deeply snow-frozen. Diana

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