Xmas Elf

Thursday, December 14, 2022

A few years ago, my artist friend, Janet Havern, with two of her creative daughters, designed a costume for my donkey, Pimmy. We dressed Pimmy in full regalia and she was so cute, that we set up a holiday photoshoot in Havern Carpentry’s parking lot, with proceeds for charity.

On the photoshoot day, folks driving by and seeing the sign, stopped, wanting photos of Pimmy with their children, and/or with themselves. Janet, her husband, and their children, greeted and processed customers, and also handled Pimmy as I took the pictures. Pimmy cooperated throughout and everybody had fun. The event created a decent charitable contribution.

Pimmy came to live with me as a surprise. She was born wild on a California BLM, and was adopted while young by a couple living in Eugene, OR. Eventually their life circumstances changed, and they searched for a new home for Pimmy. I noticed an online posting, expressed interest, but decided against adopting an animal type about which I knew nothing.

Everything changed when equine rescuer, Kate Beardsley, stepped in and helped the Eugene couple. One day, a truck pulling a horse trailer drove to my barn. Kate followed in another vehicle, got out, greeted me and helped to open the horse trailer, saying, “Here’s Pimmy, for you!” I balked, unwilling to adopt the donkey, until Kate promised to return for Pimmy if things didn’t work out.

I couldn’t say no to one of the horse world’s savviest, and Kate had guessed right. That’s how Pimmy became my donkey.

I discovered that Pimmy was sweet and gentle. She became a wonderful companion to my horses, and bonded enough with them to follow freely as I’m riding on horse trails. This donkey has been a crowd favorite in parades, and at Christmas times has stood-in as Mary’s Christmas Eve ride into Bethlehem. The donkey is a fun ambassador to my little ranch. Passing drivers sometimes stop and ask what it’s like having a donkey. I say, “A donkey makes a great pet, and Pimmy’s just the best!”

Dear Friends: Today’s header “throwback photo,” triggers events and people, fine memories. Diana

2 thoughts on “Xmas Elf

  1. I lost my Daisy donkey last March at age 27. Her partner, Pancho, is spending his first winter alone without her. It has been difficult for him because he is a herd animal and the barn cat doesn’t seem to qualify as a companion. I haven’t searched actively but would love to find a new home for him. He is 21. If you hear of a possibility for him, let me know. I will be very picky about a new home for him.

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  2. We’re so glad Pimmy landed with you! My mother adopted her on a whim in 2001, and we realized before long that the emerald green Willamette Valley grass in our big pastures was too rich for Pimmy’s metabolism. She couldn’t have landed in a better place!

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