Season’s Wins & Woes

Friday, December 16, 2022

Did you know that eggshells will clog a garbage disposal? I didn’t until yesterday, when a plumber came to clear my drain. His snake found in the pipe clogged eggshells, and fortunately not too many. He explained that egg shells are too heavy to travel cleanly through a drain pipe. He added, tugging on his plumber’s hat, that what’s absolutely worst to find in a drain are chia seeds. They swell and clog mightily. He’s found that if a snake works through and creates an opening in chia seeds, they will re-close it. The usual solution, he said, is replacing the section of sewer line clogged by those seeds.

Well, live and learn. For sure, no more eggshells into my garbage disposal.

I’d barely recovered from the plumber’s visit when a text popped up advising that my new refrigerator was en route. Getting it delivered has been a mess, because ’tis the season. It was to arrive a couple of weeks ago, but first there was a warehouse shortage, and soon afterwards a heavy snow. The delivery date became more pushed back, and by yesterday, I’d not been updated. It’s impending arrival was a surprise.

The delivery fellows were very nice. Although at first saying they couldn’t touch this or that because of liability issues, they relented and did help me as needed. After completing the installation, they took my old refrigerator to load and haul away.

As they were loading, the truck’s hydraulics shifted that big truck. It began sliding down my steep driveway and got a front wheel completely stuck in deep snow. The guys couldn’t make that truck move, its rear wheels just spun. I was stunned to learn that heavy vehicle wasn’t a four-wheel, but a rear-wheel-only drive. In our efforts, they put on rear tire chains and I went searching for a shovel and kitty litter. The guys did lots of digging, attempted frequently to move the truck, and despite spinning wheels, and etc., didn’t give up. They finally got the wheel loose and the truck free again.

By the time we all waved as they drove away, I was ready to be through with yesterday. Couldn’t though, for my animals needed care and I had a couple of errands. When finally that day ended, I poured a big glass of wine.

Dear Friends: Now, besides eggshells, I will avoid making any big purchase near Christmastime. Diana

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