Inside Day

Saturday, December 17, 2022

This is a bitterly cold morning. My pellet stove blasts away and hot coffee hits the spot. I’ve begun wrapping my head around having to suit up and trek outside. There, I’ll distribute hay for my horses and dwarf goat, check that drinking sources are full and unfrozen, and top off chicken feeders. Those done, I can retreat to my house’s creature comforts.

If it weren’t necessary to venture outside several times to care for animals, I’d not mind this unending stretch of freezing days of deep snow that can’t melt. We who live where snow and freezing occur know the value of keeping on hand plenty of water and food. Sometimes we face a string of housebound days. That’s me today and through more days, if necessary. No need to leave home.

Equal to planning for plenty to eat and drink, our brains have needs. I have a couple of such things in the pipeline. One is continuing to work my way through Sofie Tolstoy’s Diary, which I’ve half-finished. Interestingly, halfway through it, her husband, Leo Tolstoy, who’s much older than Sofie is unwell. Over their years together, Sofie has grown intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Maybe today, I will reach the part where her husband passes away, and then read about her own artistic evolution. Sofie authored many books herself.

Another item on my burner is the 1972 movie, “Sounder.” It’s streaming on the Criterion Channel. The cast includes Paul Winfield and Cicely Tyson, other terrific actors, and also, a Coonhound, Sounder. It’s a story of an African-American farming family, in 1930s rural Louisiana. I’ve loved this great movie forever and look forward to seeing it again.

Those are some highlights of this “snow day.”

Now, I’ll start a chicken cooking in the crock pot before heading outside and caring for critters.

Dear Friends: Always be prepared, that Boy Scout motto serves over a lifetime. Diana

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