Monday, December 19, 2022

Happy Passover!

I don’t actively celebrate this holiday which was important in my past. My parents were reared in Orthodox households, and many key religious observations drifted to their children. My eldest sister was very family oriented and made sure everybody, including me, celebrated every Jewish holiday. I happily recall those events full of family generosity.

I have lighted candles for my two older sisters. They guided and supported me, to the best of their abilities. I always miss them!

Now, to tilt forward:

I know next to nothing about soccer, but couldn’t resist watching the World Cup competition, an exciting show of flexible athletes, wild fans, and barely restrained announcers. That event was a Pure Picture, of Passion on the Field!

Today, the January 6th Committee will hold a final public meeting. Its public meetings have demonstrated outstanding political teamwork, with capable leadership, bi-partisanship, professionalism, and efficiency. I’ll watch today and hope this Committee’s examples will foster other politically-oriented, public, and sensible group efforts.

Snow’s still on the ground, and this morning’s temp (slightly) is warmer. This day will be another inside, unless a melting occurs. If so, I’ll call the dogs, and we’ll go hiking, somewhere scenic.

Dear Friends: Nearing this cold winter’s shortest day (or longest night), and then, longer daylights. Diana

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