Tuesday, December 20, 2022

I screwed up yesterday. Jews aren’t celebrating Passover this week, but Hanukkah. After publishing and considering my mistake, I had to admit that my favorite Jewish holiday is Passover. Sorry, friends, ’twas a slip of the tongue, or in yesterday’s blog, of my fingers.

Today should be a bit warmer and hopefully will create some melting-off. It would be pleasant to roam without having spikes on my boots, although that wouldn’t last. The predicted weather is a new storm coming and bringing very high winds and more snow.

To me, this region’s entire November and December seem colder than in the past couple of years. Contributing to my perception are consistently low double-digit temperatures and long-standing snow. Ah, too, the spikes daily strapped onto my boots.

Today, ahead of anticipated harsh weather, my efforts will be to get ready. That means ensuring adequate supplies of feed for the outside animals, and also, good sheltering for them. I will gas up the snowblowers and have on hand plenty of spikes.

Experience always is the best teacher. From time to time, situations will differ. One learns to cope by understanding what to do, in case, and having critical supplies and tools available, in case.

Dear Friends: Prepare, stay warm, take care, and soon enjoy daylight’s lengthening. Diana

2 thoughts on “Adapting

  1. Beautiful artwork!! Computer assisted? If so, it’s the best the computer has done so far. Agree about Passover, along with Seder dinners & spring.

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